Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience, Human Development Report 2014

Human Development Reports | United Nations Development Programme.

The 2014 Human Development Report – Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience provides a fresh perspective on vulnerability and proposes ways to strengthen resilience.

According to income-based measures of poverty, 1.2 billion people live with $1.25 or less a day. However, according to the UNDP Multidimensional Poverty Index, almost 1.5 billion people in 91 developing countries are living in poverty with overlapping deprivations in health, education and living standards. And although poverty is declining overall, almost 800 million people are at risk of falling back into poverty if setbacks occur. Many people face either structural or life-cycle vulnerabilities.

Human Development Reports | United Nations Development Programme.


Job hunting? What you can and can’t be asked in an interview

Insight – Yahoo Finance Canada

You don’t need Miss Manners to tell you it’s rude to ask someone his or her age. “How old are you?” is also the kind of question that has no place in a job interview.

It’s one of several queries that are strictly off-limits when it comes to employers screening potential candidates.

“Anything that is listed as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Human Rights Code would be unacceptable,” says Alka Kundi, a labour and employment lawyer with Borden Ladner Gervais in Vancouver.

Job hunting? What you can and can’t be asked in an interview | Insight – Yahoo Finance Canada.

Refugee claims hit ‘historic low’ as Ottawa’s policy faces fresh criticism

The Globe and Mail

The number of people claiming refugee status in Canada reached what Ottawa calls a “historic low” in 2013 after it brought in changes to speed up the program by deterring applicants from safer countries.

The changes remain unpopular with refugee advocates who say valid claims are being brushed aside. Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has also lashed out at Ontario, one of many provinces continuing to provide health care for claimants who Ottawa says want to “game the system.”

Refugee claims hit ‘historic low’ as Ottawa’s policy faces fresh criticism – The Globe and Mail.

Stop woman-on-woman workplace violence

Mallick | Toronto Star

This valuable — and rather obvious — insight came to me, a feminist, as I was reading a magazine at my hair salon, pleased to find a good piece of prose rather than a punchy list of ambitious unguents women can put on their neck skin and scalp and salad.

“I’m going to get crucified for this,” Ken Whyte was telling then-Chatelaine editor Jane Francisco in aDecember feature/interview as he departed Rogers publishing for a Rogers online venture, the wonderful Francisco herself about to depart for Good Housekeeping and an ever more brilliant career. I guess the guy felt he had nothing to lose.

Stop woman-on-woman workplace violence: Mallick | Toronto Star.

How to use CharityVillage most effectively in your job search

Anyone who’s found themselves in the midst of an intensive job search knows that looking for work takes a lot of time, energy and dedication. Why waste any of those precious resources? At CharityVillage, we’re well known for our job board. But are you using the job board as effectively as possible? And what about the rest of the resources we have available?

If you’re just browsing the job board, you’re barely scratching the surface. Make the most of your time and effort and take advantage of all that CharityVillage has to offer by following these ten tips.

How to use CharityVillage most effectively in your job search.

10 Keys to Building Great Teams

10 Keys to Building Great Teams — PsyBlog.

Teamwork is more important than ever. Failures in teamwork have caused accidents in nuclear power stations, planes to crash and businesses to fail.

Many organisations are trying to do more with less by relying on the efficiency of teams.

However, a collection of individuals doesn’t become a team just because it’s a called ‘a team’. There are a whole range of psychological processes that need to be nurtured to form a group that functions well together.
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The Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund for Social Enterprises

The application process for the $600k Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund is now open! This four-in-one application allows you to apply to the Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund as well as three other acceleration opportunities. Pretty cool, huh?

Applicants, make sure you mark these important dates in your calendar.

The Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund for Social Enterprises | Centre for Social Innovation.

Homeless in the GTA: Finding affordable housing especially tough for women

Story: Toronto Star

Lisa Roberts and her 15-month-old son, Liam, spend their days at the Whitby library or walking around parks and playgrounds. At night, the same playgrounds become their place to sleep, curled up in the play structures wrapped in blankets.

Roberts, 38 — who is nearly eight months pregnant with a girl — and her son have been homeless since the beginning of May, when she had to leave her basement apartment in Whitby because her landlord’s son was returning from university.

Living off welfare, she has been unable to find a one-bedroom apartment for less than $800 in Durham Region.

Homeless in the GTA: Finding affordable housing especially tough for women | Toronto Star.