Lab-grown meat hits the grill this month

A hamburger patty made from lab-grown meat — or “schmeat” — is expected to be unveiled and grilled later this month at an event in London that is highly anticipated by animal rights activists and other backers.

“The vision for this burger is really to attract support, to attract funding,” said social sciences researcher Neil Stephens in an interview with CBC’sThe Current host Anna Maria Tremonti. “And I’m sure it will because it’s a very enticing idea for many people.”. Lindsay Rajt of PETA, endorses ‘In Vitro Meat’ as it provides a way for people to be able to eat ethically.

Meet ‘Schmeat’: Lab-grown meat hits the grill this month – Technology & Science – CBC News.

New Harvest, Isha Datar: Isha Datar is the executive director of New Harvest. It is a non-profit organization that supports the advancement of alternatives to conventionally produced meat. Isha Datar is also a cell biologist, and a meat eater. She was in Toronto recently for TEDx talks

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THE UNITER: Winnipeg’s Weekly Urban Journal

Poutine, My Love

“It’s warm and involves cheese,” said Rachel Kerr-Lapsley, a fellow poutine hunter. Warm cheese is enough to win her over. People love poutine! It is one of the best inventions that humans have ever created. It combines the three best foods in a way that makes you wonder if it was sent from the heavens. Enough is enough, Winnipeg. For a city with the second highest Francophone population, I expect better.

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