Gender Inequality Index World over

The Gender Inequality Index (GII) reflects women’s disadvantage in three dimensions—reproductive health, empowerment and the labour market—for as many countries as data of reasonable quality allow. The index shows the loss in human development due to inequality between female and male achievements in these dimensions. It ranges from 0, which indicates that women and men fare equally, to 1, which indicates that women fare as poorly as possible in all measured dimensions.

The health dimension is measured by two indicators: maternal mortality ratio and the adolescent fertility rate. The empowerment dimension is also measured by two indicators: the share of parliamentary seats held by each sex and by secondary and higher education attainment levels. The labour dimension is measured by women’s participation in the work force. The Gender Inequality Index is designed to reveal the extent to which national achievements in these aspects of human development are eroded by gender inequality, and to provide empirical foundations for policy analysis and advocacy efforts.

Gender Inequality Index.

The eightfold path to chemical addiction recovery …

| Counseling Today

The ancient and venerable perspective on spirituality called Buddhism presents a therapeutic prescription for the fundamental ailment of human beings — suffering. That is, living out of step with reality. It teaches that to our detriment, human beings tend to seek private fulfillment above all else.

This sounds very much like the case with an addictive lifestyle, which is characterized by narcissism. Because of this attitude, an addicted person lives as if he or she is the center and primacy of everything. Chemical addiction develops into a lifestyle that is self-absorbed, self-centered and self-indulgent. This is out of step with the reality of a healthy lifestyle.

Just as Buddhism prescribes eight steps to right living, I propose eight steps for transforming an addictive lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Together, I call them the “Eightfold Path to Chemical Addiction Recovery.” This “path” can be a useful guide for successful alcohol and other drug (AOD) counseling.

The eightfold path to chemical addiction recovery | Counseling Today.

Harper cabinet shuffle: 8 new ministers named

Harper cabinet shuffle: 8 new ministers named

Southern Ontario will carry more clout than ever before in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government after a cabinet shuffle that put Conservatives from the region in charge of most economic portfolios as well as the key posts of defence and transport. With the Conservatives’ political fortunes in Quebec at a low ebb, Harper appears to be turning to Ontario to try to lay the groundwork for another majority mandate in 2015, led once again by the old Mike Harris gang from Queen’s Park — Jim Flaherty at finance, John Baird at foreign affairs and Tony Clement in charge of budget-cutting at Treasury Board. As well, the cabinet shuffle brought a major vote of confidence in Chris Alexander, the rookie member of parliament for Ajax—Pickering, who was promoted to the much-coveted  Citizenship and Immigration.y

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“It’s a huge honour,” Alexander said as he emerged from Rideau Hall after the ceremony. “This is a field on which Canada depends for its economic prosperity and we have to get it right.”

‘Visible minority:’ A misleading concept that ought to be retired !

Statscan predicts that one third of Canada’s population will be a visible minority by the year 2031. The largest minority group is projected to be South Asian.

The Globe and Mail

In Canada, anyone who considers themself neither white nor aboriginal is classified by the government, for a number of purposes, as a visible minority. It is an artificial concept that has become unnecessary and counterproductive.

Ultimately, the dividing line is arbitrary. For example, Arabic people from North Africa and the Middle East are counted as “white” in the U.S. Census. Yet anyone who ticks the Arab box on Canada’s National Household Survey is counted as a visible minority – unless they tick both the white box and the Arab box. Then they’re white.Indeed, there is something almost racist about the assumption that whites are the standard against which anyone else is noticeably, visibly different. That may be why the United Nations Council on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has asked Canada to reflect upon its use of the term visible minority.

‘Visible minority:’ A misleading concept that ought to be retired – The Globe and Mail.

Parents leave severely autistic son at Ottawa social services agency in ‘desperate act’

An Ottawa couple’s painful decision to leave their severely autistic son at a social services agency this week was an act of desperation fuelled by 10 years of frustration.

Amanda Telford took her 19-year-old son Philippe to the Ottawa office of Developmental Services Ontario on Tuesday after she and her husband Alex decided they could no longer handle him.

“I really love Philippe and I am so sure about what we’re doing,” Alex told the Toronto Star.

Read: Parents leave severely autistic son at Ottawa social services agency in ‘desperate act’ | Toronto Star.

Barack Obama has a strategy to discourage his daughters from rebelling, perhaps by getting a tattoo himself. reports based on interview.

Mr Obama says he and his wife, Michelle, have told 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha that if they ever decide to get a tattoo then “mommy and me” will get the same tattoo in the same place on their bodies and show it off on YouTube as a “family tattoo.”

Mr Obama commented in an interview taped last week and broadcast yesterday on the US Today show.(Look for the link of the Interview on our ‘Twitter updates’ on the right side)

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