Your stunning images of fall colours from across the country – The Globe and Mail

Your stunning images of fall colours from across the country – The Globe and Mail.


How to use CharityVillage most effectively in your job search

Anyone who’s found themselves in the midst of an intensive job search knows that looking for work takes a lot of time, energy and dedication. Why waste any of those precious resources? At CharityVillage, we’re well known for our job board. But are you using the job board as effectively as possible? And what about the rest of the resources we have available?

If you’re just browsing the job board, you’re barely scratching the surface. Make the most of your time and effort and take advantage of all that CharityVillage has to offer by following these ten tips.

How to use CharityVillage most effectively in your job search.

Successful Aging

  • Senescence (meaning “to grow old,” in Latin) or biological aging, is the major cause of suffering, disease, and death in modern times. Gerontology, and its sub-field biogerontology in particular, is the science that studies the aging process to prevent age-related disease and degeneration, preserve health, and prolong human life.
  • The elderly population embraces a great deal of diversity; socioeconomic status, age, level of education, level of physical and cognitive functioning. This diversity greatly influences how successfully a person ages. Healthy, or successful aging has been the focus of attention over the recent years. People are looking to improve their diets, start regular exercise regimens, and decrease the level of stress in their lives. They are doing this not only to increase their longevity, but also to increase the number of healthy and active years of life. People are living longer and living healthier due to changes in lifestyle that are being recommended by physicians, promoted at community and senior centers, and considered trendy by the media. Considerable attention is focused on the negative problems that face older people such as malnutrition, poverty, and elder abuse.
  • Exercise is the single most important component of successful aging. Participation in physical activity has been shown to enhance life quality into advanced old age. Physical fitness can help slow the aging process and curtail some of the degenerative diseases and common illnesses associated with aging. The goals of aerobic exercise are: 1) to increase flexibility, 2) to build and maintain muscle mass, and 3) to increase cardiovascular endurance.
  • A healthy diet should consist of about 25% protein, 50% carbohydrates, and 25% fat. Diets low in saturated fat and moderate salt intake are best. The caloric requirement for those above age 50 is about 2100 calories per day. Alcohol consumption should be limited to no more than 8 ounces per day. Maintain adequate nutrition depends on two conditions: 1) consumption of adequate calories and protein to give the body fuel and materials for tissue building, maintenance and repair, and 2) consumption of a variety of foods to give the body the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed to function..
  • The Bio-Psycho-Social Model Gerontologists often use what is called the Bio-Psycho-Social model to examine problems and issues that affect the elderly, or to develop programs for the older population. The model characterizes the way in which professionals who work with the elderly address the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of problems, issues, individuals, or potential programs.


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Davis School of Gerontology, University of Southern California:

Poor sleep can lead to feeling unappreciated in your relationship, says study

Poor sleep can lead to feeling unappreciated in your relationship, says study

It may come as no surprise to many of us that poor sleep patterns can negatively affect our relationship, but now we have a study to prove it.

It turns out that sleep isn’t just important for our physical health, because new researchclaims that a lack of sleep can make us more selfish by prioritizing our own needs above our partners’, and also less likely to show appreciation for our significant others.


Ban on Sexual-Orientation Change Therapy Upheld

By Joel Rosenblatt and Karen Gullo on December 04, 2012

A California law prohibiting mental health providers from attempting to change the sexual orientation of patients under 18 years of age was upheld by a federal judge a day after another judge temporarily blocked the measure for three therapists in a separate case.

U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller in Sacramento, California, ruling today in a lawsuit brought by therapists and minors who support the law, said it doesn’t preclude providers from recommending or discussing “sexual orientation change efforts,” or SOCE, therapy with patients and the treatment itself isn’t speech that’s protected under the First Amendment.


Practical lessons from Social Psychology

Social psychologists study how people interact with others – their families, friends, and yes, businesspartners. Smart marketers and executives have been using the findings of this growing field for decades to close sales, hold effective meetings and get their way in negotiations. But rather than putting you through an academic psychology lesson, we condensed the most useful concepts into one article.

The Foot in the Door Phenomenon

The Concept: If you’re wondering how to convince superiors, employees or customers to do what you ask, try using the foot in the door phenomenon. This refers to the tendency of people to do something huge if they have already agreed to something much smaller. Your friend should be much more open to helping you decorate your entire house for a dinner party if, for example, he already helped you pick out decorations.

How You Can Use It: This handy principle has countless applications in the business world. Hand lotion and beauty supply kiosks at the mall use it all the time. If you can get a person to talk to you for a couple of minutes and rub some lotion on their hands, you’ve got your foot in the door, and they are much more likely to buy from you than if you had just screamed a sales pitch at them.


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