Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Courtesy: Inc.com

1. They’re better listeners.

“Introverts typically appear to be better listeners,” says Karl Moore, a management professor at McGill University. “They wait for others to express their ideas before they jump in with theirs; they don’t need to be at the center of every conversation.”

2. They’re better prepared.

Introverts don’t wing it, according to Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of the books The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength and Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference.A PsychCentral post explaining her ideas quotes Kahnweiler: “They spend time thinking through their goals and preparing for questions, which gives them an edge.”

3. They go deep.

Kahnweiler further explained the advantages of introverted leaders in a post for Forbes,including their propensity to dive deeply into a subject. “Introverted leaders seek depth over breadth,” she writes. “They like to dig deep, delving into issues and ideas before moving on to new ones. They are drawn to meaningful conversations, not superficial chitchat, and they know how to ask great questions and really listen to the answers.” Among other benefits, this in-depth study means “executives can learn what’s actually happening in the far reaches of their organizations and engage and retain their top talent.” Read…

Why Introverts Make Great Leaders | Inc.com.


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