What are the habits of highly humanistic physicians?

Are you a humanistic person? Attitudes of the humanistic physicians include:

  • Approaching patients with a sense of humility and real curiosity about their lives, especially toward those patients to whom it may seem difficult to relate
  • Treating their patients as they themselves would wish to be treated
  • Seeing their role as not merely taking care of the medical aspect of their patients, but also helping their patients through life struggles– ‘being there with and for the patient.”

Physicians were able to identify habits they practice to actively sustain their humanism:

  • Ongoing and active self-reflection (specifically, reflecting on ways to be more compassionate toward patients)
  • Being in a teaching role, where learners stimulate the physician and remind them to uphold the standard of humanism
  • Practicing mindfulness and other spiritual practices

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation | What are the habits of highly humanistic physicians?.


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