Hoping a vibrant future…

Hoping the future...Celebrating Canada's 147th Birthday

What does it mean to be a Canadian? 

Canada celebrates its 147th birthday and there is much for us to collectively celebrate. We are among the most wealthy and progressive nations on earth. We welcome people from around the globe and invite them to join us in celebrating our diversity, our unique success as a multicultural nation, and as another tile in our cultural mosaic.

We are examining two perspectives here through the eyes of recently naturalized citizens and an experienced politician Elizabeth May.

Read the Toronto Star special segment “The Passport” featuring 10  naturalized citizens, representing 10 different countries.

The Toronto star Interactive

We are an embracing, tolerant nation with a healthy democracy. We support personal liberty and freedom: free markets, free speech and “free” health care. We answer the call to assist allies and the oppressed on the other side of the world; our young men and women serving in our armed forces do so with honour and dignity.

Our education system is among the best in the world and prepares young minds for the rigours and challenges of adulthood, graduating knowledgeable, curious and ambitious students in a range of academic and professional disciplines.6864094

Green Party leader Elizabeth May argues that Canadian democracy is badly in need of resuscitation: The withering of Canadian Democracy

                                                                                       How do people celebrate Canada Day? It is quite different from Whitby Ontario  to the Rockies in the west or to the Maritimes in the east.

In Stevenson, the fishing town in BC, Canada day celebrations kick off, (now in its 69th year) with a citizenship ceremony. 40 new Canadians will be welcomed at the Steveston mainstage that will be followed by a parade.

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Beginning at 11:00 a.m. there’s a somewhat famous salmon barbeque, which serves wild sockeye salmon cooked over open alder wood fire pits. After that you’re into the entertainment leg of the day: a band called the Arrogant Worms, a youth choir, a dance troupe, a seniors drumming circle and so on.

Steveston Salmon Festival (Richmond, British Columbia)




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