Managers need to walk the talk to help staff find balance


Courtesy: Special Report by HARVEY SCHACHTER  on The Globe and Mail: Published Thursday, Jun. 19 2014,

If you’re serious about achieving a healthier work-life balance, you have to be willing to set the example. If you are a Manager or Team leader, “Employees watch what a supervisor does and will mimic it. To get the entire workplace to follow, managers must exhibit balance,”

Harvey Sahachter  suggests the following seven excellent tips to help them do that.

1. Encourage employees to take those unused vacation days.

Employees are leaving a lot of vacation days unused, sometimes because they don’t feel they have the time for a vacation and sometimes because they want to cash them in for money. Either way, it’s a bad precedent, as they aren’t getting the time away from work they need so they can prosper. She blames our workaholic culture. She recalls considering an Italian vacation and being told not to take it in August because the country essentially shuts down as everyone heads for the beach. “Other countries have figured it out better than us,” she said.

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Managers need to walk the talk to help staff find balance – The Globe and Mail.