Have You Got Low Career Libido?

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“There’s no spark any more.” “The magic’s gone.” What happens when you’re not saying those things about your love life, but about your job?

Like a long-term relationship, even a job you adore can start to get… well, a bit boring after a while. Things are working, everything runs smoothly, but the excitement and passion you once had for the work have waned. A minor problem, you might say. One should feel grateful to have a job in this economy. Maybe so, but boredom on the job could be bigger than you think; the death of passion can actually be a career killer.

When the honeymoon phase with a job is over, we can start to run on autopilot. We pay less attention to the details. Perhaps we no longer feel the passion we had in the beginning. After some time we somehow lose the excitement and to some extent interest.

It turns out you can take a job for granted just as easily as a partner.

How to put the spark back in your job? Read…..