Fake Tinder nurse promotes men’s health awareness – Your Community

In an attempt to promote Men’s Health Awareness Month this June, the Matches for Men’s Health project is tapping into the world of online dating to remind young men about the importance of getting screened for preventable health problems.
The project’s creators recently set up a fake profile for a character named “Nurse Nicole” on Tinder, a location-based mobile dating app popular among adults.
A beautiful, 28-year-old health care worker, Nurse Nicole’s profile looks like many others found on the site: “Nurse in NYC,” her bio reads. “Love dogs, warm weather, and spontaneous decisions :)”

While it’s true that Nicole is on Tinder to meet men, she’s not interested in dating anybody at the moment — something that becomes startlingly clear to the men who swiped right on her profile when they begin chatting with her.

Fake Tinder nurse promotes men’s health awareness – Your Community.