Struggling to cope with the stress of work and life?

mh week

 The Globe and Mail

To deal with stress, Sally seeks comfort in food. Caught in the cycle of work-stress-coping-with-food, within a few years Sally put 40 pounds onto her once 110-pound, 5-foot,1-inch frame. She is so sapped of energy at the end of the day that her activity and fitness level are low and at 48 years of age she’s a walking health risk.

Already, Sally has developed diabetes. During a recent medical exam, her doctor found her blood pressure was high and prescribed medication. When she told him that she has also been struggling with stress and depression, he gave her some recommendations and suggested that if nothing improved in a couple of weeks they would explore medication for her depression.

Sally’s food-coping mechanism not only leads to obesity but makes her three times more likely to develop diabetes. Are you struggling to cope with the stress of work and life? – The Globe and Mail.