Job Training Goes High-Tech For People With Autism

-Disability Scoop

A computer-based program offers individuals on the Autism spectrum the opportunity to conduct a simulated job interview with a virtual human resources representative named Molly Porter. Equipped with voice recognition technology, this software is designed to assess the appropriateness of responses and provide feedback via an on-screen job coach.

Those with autism who practiced their job interviewing skills with the software — which ispublicly available — were able to apply what they learned when interviewing with a real person, substantially improving both the responses they provided and their self-confidence, according tofindings published online this week in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

“Adults with an autism spectrum disorder tend to have difficulties with social communication, which may interfere with them having a successful job interview,” said Matthew J. Smith of Northwestern University who led the study. “Our program helps trainees learn to talk about their ability to work as a team member so they sound easy to work with. They also learn how to sound interested and enthusiastic about a potential job, as well as convey that they are a hard worker.” 

Job Training Goes High-Tech For People With Autism – Disability Scoop.