Community and Social Service Workers – Service Canada update

Important Considerations

The number of community and social service workers should rise sharply over the next few years.

Many holders of Bachelor’s degrees in a field related to social services begin their careers in this occupation to gain experience that will enable them to enter other occupations.

The placement rate of graduates of technical programs leading to this occupation (social work, special care counselling or correctional intervention) is very good, and their unemployment rate is very low.

Statistics 4212 – Community and Social Service Workers

Main Labour Market Indicators

Main Labour Market Indicators Unit Group 4212 All occupations
Employment, average 2009-2011 24,250 3,905,700
EI Claimants in 2011 450 92,650
Average Annual Growth Rate 2012-2016 2.2% 0.7%
Annual Employment Variation 2012-2016 550 27,050
Annual Attrition 2012-2016 450 72,750
Total Annual Needs 2012-2016 1,000 99,800

Community and Social Service Workers – Service Canada.