Mindfulness: What’s non-judgmental awareness got to do with it?


Mindfulness isn’t about stopping the mind, it’s not about relaxing, it’s not about achieving a state of happiness, it’s about being aware of our thoughts, emotions and sensations from moment to moment. Mindfulness is the ability to monitor the content of our awareness without judgment. Is that so? And if it is, what’s non-judgmental awareness got to do with it?

People are distracted 47% of the time. There’s one exception to this overall trend and that’s when we’re having sex. We’re only distracted 5% of the time. Just imagine you’ve just stubbed your toe. There’s a split second when you are completely focused on the sensations of pain before you curse...

With the strong sensations of pain or an immediate threat to life or limb, or the pleasure and the connection that makes us feel loved and safe in an intimate embrace, we’re fully focused. Some other activities, like surfing, enable us to experience flow, fully absorbed in what we are doing. There’s a common theme to these activities; they capture our attention, have strong sensory inputs and power to engage.


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