My Niece’s Story Is the Reason I Say “No More” to Sexual Assault 

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| Tom Reed Congressman, represents New York’s Southern Tier and Finger Lakes in the United States House of Representatives on The Huffington Post Blog.

My Niece’s Story Is the Reason I Say “No More” to Sexual Assault | Tom Reed.

A new symbol – a blue circle that I wear as a pin — called NO MORE is designed to galvanize greater awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Sexual violence is a crime that people would prefer to belittle or ignore, where the victim is often blamed for the crime and therefore has to experience ongoing trauma and shame, along with the initial violence itself.

Changing how we as a society view sexual assault is the first step to determining ways to end it. Education is key. Bystanders need to understand how their actions can make a difference in preventing this violence. Organizations like the National Sexual Violence Resource CenterNational Alliance to End Sexual ViolenceMen Can Stop Rape and the Avon Foundation for Women are just a few of the many working to educate the public about this issue. You can find a great deal of information  about these organizations and others at More than that you can learn how to initiate conversations about sexual assault prevention, conversations that may save the people you love from having to go through what my niece went through.