What Anxiety Can Look Like in the Body

GoodTherapy.org –  Stuart A. Kaplowitz, MFT

Remember that this is a subjective experience, meaning that each of us may experience anxiety in different ways. The dictionary will gives us an explanation such as (1). feeling of worry: nervousness or agitation, often about something that is going to happen (2). something that worries somebody: a subject or concern that causes worry (3). strong wish to do something: the strong wish to do something, especially if the wish is unnecessarily or unhealthily strong

From my own past experiences with anxiety, I would feel it in my stomach. The negative thoughts would trigger the chemicals in my body and I would have an upset stomach. It was as if I had eaten some really spicy food and my stomach was reacting. Many clients have reported some of the same feelings as well as feeling a general uneasiness, as if they could not sit still and they were waiting for something (bad) to happen. This leads to an agitation that can be felt not only in the one’s stomach but throughout the body. Jim Folk with Anxietycentre.com stresses that there are over 100 symptoms of anxiety, and I want to look at some of them here.

What Anxiety Can Look Like in the Body.