The true lesson from Newtown: The need for trauma education

| Counseling Today

Today is the day to learn the true lesson from Newtown. Today occurs a couple of months after the inaugural year of mourning, after the memorial services and after the “dust has settled” for those who are not personally connected to Newtown and its resilient community. Today epitomizes the “Now what?” question, and its answer may surprise you. If we fail to learn the lesson from this significant day, our meaning from this tragedy could be lost.

Most of you may be expecting me to launch into various social and political issues of the day. One expectation might include a discussion of gun control in America. We could talk about the need for increased security in our schools. We could reference the importance of mental health screening and increasing the support of community mental health resources. We could debate the possibility of arming teachers within the classroom. We could lobby our government leaders to pass legislation that would help protect the children of our great nation. We could even ask questions of a spiritual nature, such as “Where is God in all of this?” or further explore the problem of evil and how it sometimes raises its ugly head even in a town of 28,000 residents.The true lesson from Newtown: The need for trauma education | Counseling Today.