Can exercise retrain depressed brains in teens?

Calgary – CBC News

“We’ve seen problems in the structure and chemistry of the hippocampus in people with depression,” said Frank MacMaster, chair in pediatric mental health at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health.

“Exercise … has been shown to actually have a positive effect on hippocampal brain plasticity. That means with exercise, we potentially have a way to try and rebuild that part of the brain.” Depression affects roughly one in seven Canadians — or around 12 per cent, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

MacMaster says that number is slightly higher in young people, hovering around 15 per cent. In teens, depression tends to manifest itself in social withdrawal, academic struggles, loss of enjoyment in previously pleasurable activities and a prevailing feeling of depressed mood, guilt and sadness.

Can exercise retrain depressed brains in teens? – Calgary – CBC News.