Gaps in Canada’s gender score show up on syllabus

The Globe and Mail

Every year, the World Economic Forum puts out the Global Gender Gap Report, which measures four key areas of life: economic participation, educational attainment, health outcomes and political participation. According to the 2013 report, Canada has a perfect score for women’s educational attainment; however, all this supposed equality actually measures is enrolment. Because more than 50 per cent of postsecondary students in Canada are female, Canada gets a perfect score.

So is that it? Is the educational gender gap really closed? A number of sources, both popular and expert, would have you believe that the education gap in Canada is indeed closed. If inequality exists on campus, it is only in select fields (science and math), but certainly not the arts and humanities. I would like to suggest that the gender gap is not that simple and, in fact, despite the numbers, a large gender gap remains on our campuses even in the arts and humanities.

Gaps in Canada’s gender score show up on syllabus – The Globe and Mail.