Words to be refined on your Resume

Based on Workopolis expertise.

People often use weak verbs to describe their work. These can  dull your contributions. Some of the most common examples include helphandledassisted with, and worked.

‘Handled’ is too vague, use a more definitive verb. You don’t handle people (which is where one usually sees this), and if you handled money what did you do with the money?

‘Worked’ is too generic and doesn’t evoke any vision of the action you actually did to accomplish the task. For example: Worked with the team…doing what? Resulting in what?

‘Assisted’ isn’t the accomplishment or action verb, it belongs at the end of the sentence. For example: Accomplished A,B,C and D, while assisting the Vice President of Human Resources with E,F.

‘Helped’ doesn’t say very much. What did you actually help to do? What more specific action verb would be more definitive? Managed? Directed? Collated? Fine-tuned?

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