Why Mental Illness Goes Much Further Than Research Tells Us

Based on the Huff Post report  | Roger Covin, Ph.D

Canadians recently learned the results of the Canadian Community Health Survey on Mental Health (2012), which revealed that 1 in 6 Canadians were in need of mental heath care. This is a large portion of the population and so the findings are not only significant, but they have garnered media attention and should assist in advocacy for mental health issues in Canada.

The problem is that the statistic is flawed.

The researchers excluded three critical groups:

1. “persons living on reserves and other Aboriginal settlements”
2. “full time members of the Canadian Forces”
3. “institutionalized populations”

The problem here is obvious — the exclusion of these populations significantly lowers the number of people identified as having a mental health need. Native Canadians are known to suffer from problems with substance abuse, depression and high suicide rates, and the Canadian Armed Forces tend to have higher rates of PTSD and depression than the general population.

Why Mental Illness Goes Much Further Than Research Tells Us | Roger Covin, Ph.D.


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