Generation Jobless: The CBC documentary

Based on CBC – Doc Zone – Episode ….

GENERATION JOBLESS delves into why so many young Canadians are overeducated and underemployed.  The reality is that today’s twenty-something’s are entering  an economy in the throes of a seismic shift where globalization and technology are transforming the workplace. Automation is replacing tens of thousands of jobs at a time.  Companies fixated on the bottom line are outsourcing jobs and wherever possible getting computers to do the work.  Employers are placing a higher premium on experienced workers, unwilling to invest in training new entrants to the workforce.

Young people are caught in a catch 22.  How do you get experience if no one will hire you without it? Many are working for free as unpaid interns, just to try and get their foot in the door.  And, for the first time in history youth are facing another unique challenge  – competition with their parents’ generation for the small pool of jobs that do exist. Boomers who are delaying retirement. 

The documentary takes viewers to Switzerland where the youth unemployment rate is 2.8% – the lowest in the developed world.  Here the idea of young people graduating with degrees and unable to find jobs is virtually unheard of.  Dr. Stefan Wolter, Director of the Coordination Centre For Research In Education, explains how all levels of government, educators and employers, work together to ensure that education and training are linked to employment.

CBC – Doc Zone – Episode – Generation Jobless.


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