Are condoms still considered immoral ?

In the modern world, people’s health is their choice.Does condoms play a significant role in determining  reproductive health? Here are 4 Countries where condoms are still considered immoral … reports.Via: Reuters.

The Philippines’ condom use is one of the lowest in Asia. It is also one of only seven countries globally where HIV cases have risen by 25 percent or more since 2001, according to the UNDP. More than 80% of the population is Catholic, and many sexually active people do not buy condoms or contraceptives because of the shame and the stigma the church associates with condom use. The Catholic Church in the Philippines has waged a war against the president’s efforts to curb HIV/AIDS through free condoms and sex education. The church believes change in lifestyle, not condom usage, will stop the AIDS epidemic in the Philippines.

According to the United Nations, the HIV epidemic in Indonesia is one of the fastest growing in Asia. And over 81% of recent HIV/AIDS cases are the result of unprotected sex, mostly with commercial sex workers. Health Minister Nafsiah Mbo said that with increased awareness of condom usage, infection rates would decrease. However, whenever someone brings up sex education in Indonesia, he or she is scolded by Muslim leaders. Mboi was summoned to parliament following accusations by conservative Muslim groups that her condom message was dangerous because it promoted promiscuity. One government agency wanted to ban selling condoms to teenagers altogether.


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