If your communication style is hurting your career…

Our communication style and approach speak volumes about how we view ourselves and others. It also reveals important clues about our sense of worth, power and ability to lead and manage effectively. Everything we do is communication – we can’t NOT communicate.

Unfortunately, for a large number of professional women, communicating powerfully and authoritatively in the workplace and in their professional endeavors is a deep challenge. Why do so many women struggle to be confident and authoritative communicators? There are numerous colliding factors that contribute to women’s communication challenges in the workplace.

First, gender stereotypes abound. For instance, research shows that success and likability in the professional arena are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women. This means that the more “successful” or assertive a woman appears, the more she is judged negatively and disliked for it. Being criticized harshly for success consciously and subconsciously impacts how strident, self-assured and successful a woman wishes to appear.

Secondly, as senior leadership remains the bailiwick of men (women make up only 16% of senior corporate leadership in the U.S. today), a more “male” style of communicating remains dominant and is more accepted and understood.
Does your communication approach need modification?

Here’s how you can determine if your communication style is hurting your career:

1) People don’t respond well to your words and actions

2) Your point doesn’t get made

3) You’re not taken seriously

4) There’s backlash from your words

5) Nothing is remembered from what you’ve shared

Link : http://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2012/02/02/5-ways-to-determine-if-your-communication-style-is-hurting-your-career/

Contributor : Kathy Caprino, Women’s career and work-life success strategies, solutions and tips


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