Is there a cure for shyness?

Is shyness an ‘illness’?

Based on the lead article of ERIN ANDERSSEN:The Globe and Mail, Published Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013

U.S. research has found that teachers are more likely to assume that quiet kids don’t know the answers; and parents, especially fathers, are more critical of their shy children. On a report card, phrases such as “likes to work alone” or “doesn’t participate in class discussion” translate into bad marks for social progress. Years ago, a teen who would rather read quietly in their room for hours on a Saturday might be thought of as thoughtful – now, it’s more likely their parent will pace outside the door, worrying about their development. (Shyness and introversion aren’t the same thing – although there is significant overlap, not all introverts experience the nervousness or awkward feelings characteristic of shyness.)


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